ONSUNE Technology Ltd

Company description:

Founded in 1998, ONSUNE Technology Ltd. specializes in magnetic components manufacturing custom transformers, inductors, chock coil, toroid chock for car amplifier, ADSL modem splitter, and switching power supply. Serving tens of customers across the United States, Germany, Italy, England, Ukraine, Norway, Mexico, etc. Our company boasts a competent workforce of more than hundred employees. Our skilled employees can count on top-of-the-line high-tech machinery, housed within our 2,000 sq. ft. facility, to craft custom-made products to fully meet your requirements. Our goal is simple: Your complete satisfaction, quality parts, delivery, fair price… Customer satisfaction is the keystone of our company philosophy. The attainment of this goal has always been conditional upon our unfailing commitment to quality. This, coupled with our expertise in designing to customers' specifications and our resultoriented management system, has made ONSUNE Technology Ltd. What it is today. Our qualified engineering department is ready to assist you in any way it can; This is one of the many reasons our customers choose to do business with us. Given its state-of-the-art production and test equipment, including computer-assisted design and simulation. Whatever your needs regarding quality or quantities or whether exceptional, we engineer them all design to completed product. We are dedicated to the highest level of Service and Quality at Competitive prices. Take the ONSUNE Challenge and call us with your requirement today. ONSUNE eventually . . . why not now?

  • Contact details

    Address: ONSUNE Technology Ltd
    3E-3B, Yian City Center, Longfei Ave, Longgang, Shenzhen
    Shenzhen, 518000, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 755-33556276
    WWW: www.onsune.com
  • Business hours

    Monday 8:30AM ~15:30PM
    Tuesday 8:30AM ~15:30PM
    Wednesday 8:30AM ~15:30PM
    Thursday 8:30AM ~15:30PM
    Friday 8:30AM ~15:30PM
    Saturday close
    Sunday close

Contact persons

  • Albert Zhao

    Telefon: +48 755-33556276
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